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Rockeries & Retaining Walls

Rockeries and retaining walls are a favourite landscaping feature of ours and our clients alike. To create structured banks in your garden you have two choices: you can retain the soil and use boring sleepers or brick walls without adding any aesthetic value or you can combine some rocks, native shrubs, some colour, and some sleepers and create an incredibly appealing and very inviting space which adds heaps of value to an area that may have been very bland.

In my travelling through the bush and mountain areas I was fascinated by how these massive rocks would stay on the mountain sides and not move. When I found out why it made sense, three quarters of the rock must be buried and each rock locks the other one in position right down to the bottom. Complimented by plants of all sorts, rockeries encourage the native fauna while the plants cradle the rocks, making them look like they have always been a natural feature of the garden. This is a very highly skilled way of doing things and the great Ellis Stone mastered this skill many years ago.

The natural beauty of a rockery adds incredible value to a property before you even enter the home. We have had many clients become friends through the love of these features. The combination of rockeries and retaining walls can be used to complement a house or driveway as well. 

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A rockery and retaining wall can create structure and appeal to your property increasing it’s value.
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