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First impressions count. Your driveway is the first impression of your home so why use the unnatural look of  concrete and asphalt when the natural materials of Tuscany Toppings, Lilydale and Colorado Toppings, and alike add more depth and natural appeal to your garden and driveway? While at times we may add cement to the natural products to give it extra strength, you can’t tell that it has been added as it does not detract from the natural look.

When designing our driveways we always add plenty of curves to break up the starkness of straight lines, as your house has enough straight lines as it is. We compliment the edges of the driveways with rocks, sleepers, logs and Jarrah edgings to soften the look and add life to your driveway and the overall presentation of your house.


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Enhance the entrance to your home...

Driveways are the entrance to your home, they can be beautiful as well as practical, increasing the overall appeal and adding value to your property. Book a consultation with us to increase your property value.